Overview on HVTO daily management

I am a founder of HVTO for my hometown of Sophy, 30km from the city but I do not live and work there at all the time because I am a permanent professional tour guide in www.indochina-services.com .
However, I dedicate most of my free time to work for HVTO in term of putting connection and communication with foreign helpers, visiting people and projects in the village, administration and follow up, principle concepts for the projects, reports to government and donors.  My job allows me to put connection with tourists who are interested in helping HVTO.
Viking River Cruises and Studiosus send tourist groups to visit the community. Some of the guests become future sponsors, helpers and volunteers.
HVTO works cooperatively with community committee. They are key people in the villages who actively participate with many HVTO projects to help children and people in the community.
Our works have been invested into building schools, education for the kids, sponsorship, bridges, installation of water pumps, building and dirt-roads . Here is the link to our pictures thatcan tell you more in Picasaweb: https://picasaweb.google.com/115995443974832262261
More stories are on the left hand side sub menus. Special thanks to all our donors and volunteers for making all this highly needed work possible. Please continue to visit other pages where we have information, photos and most importantly, easy ways of each project for you to join our team.
Please email us with any questions or suggestions.
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