HVTO Deputy Director

Seaknam Meng

(HVTO Deputy Director)

Mr. Seaknam Meng lives in Sophy Village, Kontreang Community, Siem Reap Province. He started working with HVTO since 2008. He was an English Teacher and was promoted to be Program Manager until 2011. Since he decided to study intensively in his universities to get the high score, he is spending more time in town and he is promoted to be Deputy Director to share works with Sim Piseth. By working for HVTO, he has gained so much knowledge and experience and he hopes to have a long and successful work in this organization. He likes to work with HVTO as much as possible in the future. He wishes HVTO to continue to succeed in the future.

Responsibilities for Seaknam Meng ( Deputy Director )

  • Being substituted for director when he is in absence for any opportunities.
  • Working with management to analyze program proposals and program objectives.
  • Assisting in employee recruitment, performance evaluation, promotion, retention and termination activities.
  • Following and enforce HVTO policies and regulations.
  • Monitoring and controling expenses within allotted budgets.
  • Developing program plan, budget, schedule, and scope.
  • Resolving problems, reviewing program evaluations and approving the annual budget and report
  • Attending meetings with Donors, Governmental official for implementation of new policies and settings.
  • Reviewing financial transactions and reports, forming coalition teams of the Volunteers with local communities for their solution of problems.
  • Identifying new Companies for attaining funds and providing administrative guidance to the Volunteers and juniors, assigning and scheduling their work and motivating them to complete the target inside deadlines.
  • Serving as a representative of the organization while attending community and charitable meetings.
  • Organizing job trainings for HVTO staffs and maintain training materials.
  • Submiting report to director
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