HVTO Program Manager

Mr. Ine Unn

(HVTO Program Manager)

Hello everyone! My name is Ine Unn. I live in Sambat village andI have studied English for 5 years before I started working with HVTO since its beginning of creation and I was a teacher teaching 4 hours every weekday. Thank to sponsorship provided by Mr. Simon Johnson and Mrs. Ranjeeta Johnson from UK, I can continue my studies in the Angkor University. Now I am promoted to be Program Manager in HVTO and I do hope that in this new position I can be part to help with its progress in the future. Education brings wisdom, human resource and development, so it is important to give education to people.

The main purpose of appointing a Program Manager is to be responsible for the daily activities of HVTO and to interact with the officials of the Government and other policy influencing bodies. So Ine Unn is responsible for the following statements:

  • Daily activities of team and provide assistance whenever needed.
  • Serving as a representative of the organization while attending community and charitable meetings.
  • Having good knowledge regarding rules and regulation of the Government agencies, filing of reports as per monthly, quarterly and yearly end date according to the guidelines.- Planning strategies and implementation of the organization’s programs and services.
  • Manage a team in planning and executing programs.
  • Work with management to support program execution.
  • Develop program management standards and methodologies to achieve program goals.
  • Perform resource allocation and workload assignment for timely deliveries.
  • Perform negotiations with local authorities as needed.
  • Ensure that program deliverables meet quality standards and project requirements.
  • Develop best practices to improve program performance.
  • Develop and maintain program documentations.
  • Organize job trainings for HVTO staffs and maintain training materials.
  • Documentation of new policies, decisions and filing of documents to create an organizational memory in the archives.
  • Submit monthly report of each program to deputy director or director.
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  • T:+(855)12 710 027
  • E: sim@hvto.org
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