How does HVTO collect funds from charitable people around the world to support its projects?

There are following ways that HVTO receives your financial support to operate its projects as below:

OPTION I: If you go to visit the HVTO center in the village, any HVTO staff can accept your donation. You will be given the HVTO donation receipt and the money will be deposited into HVTO bank account.


OPTION II: If you are a guest of Viking River Cruises travelling to visit HVTO center, your donation will be collected in the buses. The money collected will be safe-kept by local Viking River Cruises office. HVTO will write the budget proposal to Viking River Cruises. When proposal is checked and accepted, the money from the Local office will be disbursed to HVTO bank account.


OPTION III: If you are in other countries outsides of Cambodia, you can find one of the possible and convenient ways to send your donation to HVTO as below:

Option 1: Transfering your donation to HVTO Bank Account in Cambodia.

Beneficiary Bank

ACLEDA Bank Plc, Head Office, #61 Preah Monivong Blvd, Sangkat Srah Chork Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

Swift Code: ACLBKHPP

Beneficiary Details


Account number - 0100-20-442877-1-7

* The local bank will charge from $12 to $32


Option 2: Transfering your donation to HVTO Through Western Union

Receiver : Mr. Sim Piseth
Position : HVTO Founder
Address : Siem Reap Cambodia
Phone Number : +85512710027

After you have made arrangements for the transfer, we need to have all the following details to access the funds.

  • Full name of sender
  • Country and city where money was sent
  • The reference number
  • The amount sent

* HVTO will get full donation from donors


Option 3: For UK citizens, you can donate Online at JustGiving via our partners at Camkids. This platform is set up by Simon Johnson, HVTO sponsor in UK.


Contributions made online using JustGiving are processed via our UK partners (CamKids). Donation from most UK individual taxpayers gain an additional 28% in GiftAid. These accumulated funds are disbursed to HVTO in full every three month. HVTO is registered in the Cambodian Ministry of Interior as NGO #1049. HVTO is not a UK registered charity.


Option 4:  Transfering your donation to HVTO through CAFAmerica. Click on this  

CAFAmerica( has completed their review of HVTO and its finances and approved this organization to receive tax-deductible donations from U.S. citizens. Some donors may find that their current or former employer will match donations. there are a number of other companies for which CAFAmerica does the same. Jessie Kraft is the contact at CAFAmerica who can answer any questions.

If your employer does not participate with CAFAmerica, you can donate individually directly to CAFAmerica, but the minimum donation is $500


The donors, who donated directly to HVTO, are listed in HVTO financial statement. Shall you contact us immediately if you do not find your name with your amount of money donated. HVTO cannot list your name here when you donate to support HVTO projects via HVTO funding partners but we will name those partners.

Thank you very much in advance for your great generosity to help our people in Cambodia.


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