February 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to Homestay Volunteer Teachers Organization (HVTO)!

HVTO is a Government-registered Cambodian non-profit NGO. We develop, build, operate, and manage literacy and vocational education projects aimed at helping the poorest and needy Cambodian Communities improve their quality of life and possibility of future self-sustainability. Reducing poverty and increasing wisdom is the aim. Education is the answer.

Personal Information

How have you been doing?

I believe that, the New Year will bring you success, prosperity, health and you are enjoying lives and love in the circle of family and work or at least you are on the way to make all these things happen in your life.

I would like to thank to ICS. www.indochina-services.com for their promotion and have always assigned me to work with which I have met many wonderful people worldwide with ideas, generosity and money. This progression has pushed me in the last few months a step forward. However I do not know if this successful moment is just the beginning or already my end. The world economical crisis has threatened seriously world tourism development and Cambodia is no exception. On the other hand, I pray it will not happen to us here soon! We have had enough of poverty in these difficult times. I also would like to thank all Cambodian and foreign friends around the world on Facebook and Couchsurfing and tourists who latterly became friends and have helped me personally and also with my humanitarian projects. I am very grateful and appreciative to your friendship and openhandedness. I enjoy making new friends from all over the world

As for my future and the future improvement for HVTO, I will struggle as best I can to continue with what I am doing today to bring success for myself and for HVTO. I am pretty sure it will go well when you friends stand behind me! I am looking forward to get any comments regarding to HVTO. We welcome them.

With warm and best regards from HVTO, Siem Reap Angkor Cambodia!

Sim Pisith

Our activities in HVTO for the last 6 weeks 

HVTO has made another step forward during last 6 weeks which included Free English Classes, New Classes Integration, Having another English Teacher for the programme and Setting up a Hand Water Pump and we are in progress for upcoming projects on Scholarship Program, New Budget for our Free English Programme including the payment for our teachers and library construction for 2009. 

Our Free English Classes in Sreth Primary School 

Our vice-president and programming manager is working actively to set up efficient tasks for our teachers to carry out regarding the quality improvement for the children in the village who are receiving English lessons from HVTO. We can not promise that our programs are the best but advances with our students are our pride and joy. Their positive reception and upgrading are our achievement and we are always very proud to see this happens for the big advantage to our young generation for their bright future. During 7 months of our work at this point, 60 % of the total students have given the promising sign to walk on the successful way with our prospectus but the question lies on whether HVTO can offer them the ultimate upgrading or not.

English Class Integration in Sophy Primary School

HVTO is very ambitious with our upgrading English Program. We are trying to make it as big up to our financial possibility in many different areas for many children. Children in this school are arranged by other people to receive English Education but with shortage of lesson plans, less progress is made. To help the other children who can not catch up with the prior English lessons; to create the quality and to have large English Classroom availability for the children in these villages and to have full time work for our volunteers and with the warm welcome from the school principal, HVTO decided to put our hands in to help with only a purpose of development for our children, teachers and communities.  

Another English Teacher was chosen and paid by HVTO. 

To the above integration in this school and at the beginning we have created a new class for the beginners who did not join the prior classes so that they can now start their English lessons. We are working to separate the students and will classify them into different levels soon. For these classes we have selected another Teacher. Mr. Koeut Koeuy. He is a public Khmer teacher who teaches Khmer in this school everyday. He has graduated from the university and his English is not bad and to give him the part-time job for extra income to support his family and to have the strong influence for encouragement to the children for their obedience in working hard at the lessons. We think he is the perfect person to fulfill this position. We would like to express our Thousands of Thanks to Ms. Nathalie and Ms. Isabelle from France who have donated some money for this integration and will help to cover the payment to this teacher for the first few months. Without this donation this project should not be speeded up like this. Nathalie and Isabelle! Thank you very much for your generosity that always supports us. 

One more Hand Water Pump was set up for families in Sophy village. 

We are very grateful to Bragi Jonsson from Iceland who did fundraising and has sent $182.25. This money was donated by Mr. Olafur Bjornsson; Mr. Halldor Kristinnsson and Mr Hjordis Baldursdittir and was advised to use to set up the Hand Water Pump. Without delay, we have asked the Water Pump Company to make it. This Water Pump is given to the family of Mr. Chhart Chhuong and his neighbors and we expect that this pump will provide the clean water for 15 people for more than five years in our village.

Special Thanks to Simon Johnson and Ranjeeta Johnson from England.

In this newsletter, we would like to thank to Mr. Simon Johnson and his wife Mrs. Ranjeeta Johnson, their family , Friends, Colleagues and Flow Interactive who have brought us $1020 to fill the budget requirement for the project 2008. Without their donation, HVTO can not set up the new projects for 2009 until now. Simon and Ranjeeta have visited the village and have helped with English class and we hope to get their comments soon! Simon and Ranjeeta! Thank you very much for your great kindness to our NGO and also for your extra encouragement that pushes us to go on. We do hope that you will help us with the future projects! 

We also would like to Thanks to Alfred Irmgard who sent $28 and we decided to use this money for the Tap Player. It is very useful for our children to learn to listen to the English Tap recording! Thank you very much, Alfred!
I would like to answer the question that frequently asked by my friends or other people:

Qu: What can I do to help HVTO?

An: There are many different ways that you can help HVTO besides coming to volunteer directly on site: Wish that you could spend more time or any time here helping us with the project, but unfortunately you can not......THEN How can you help? Do not despair as there is lots you can do to help HVTO.

1. Sponsor to pay to our teacher for one year as one time off donation. 2. Select one of HVTO projects to sponsor. 3. Monthly donation 4. Fundraising at home.


We believe that if we look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves and the attention we give to financial credibility ensures that we make the most of every dollar we receive in donations. Money received in donation goes directly to our development projects. Have a HVTO Hatters Coffee morning or tea Party. Ask everyone at work to commit to donate $1, per week or $48 per year. That feeds a lot of hungry mouths for the English Teaching projects.

Please wait to visit our website (www.hvto.org) that will come up soon with new upcoming projects and there are lots of ways you can help!
Again, thank you very much for your attention to read our newsletter and we promise to keep you updated with our new activities and success in the coming months.

With kind and best regards

Sim Piseth

President of HVTO Email: sim_pisith@yahoo.com Phone: +85512710027

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