January 2010 Newsletter

A large majority of people live in the rural areas of Cambodia. The villagers are suffering from substandard necessities, especially clean drinking water. Poor drinking water and sanitation are the main causes of high rates of infant mortality. Having access to clean water and understanding of hygiene are crucial to helping these people to improve living conditions.

HVTO is appealing to all charitable people who can help to provide a Clean Water Pumps to our needy Cambodian Communities. HVTO is a coordinating partner to provide these Water Pumps to the neediest families in rural areas.

Only 35% of Cambodian people have access to a healthy clean water system.

These are the reasons why the villagers need clean water systems :

  • Poor drinking water and sanitation are the main causes of high rates of infant mortality.
  • There's no easy access to the most important element that ensures human health: water.
  • Having access to clean water and an understanding of hygiene is crucial to helping people improve living conditions.
  • Further development cannot be achieved if basic hygienic needs are not satisfied.

Our aim is to provide basic healthy systems to the poorest communities to guarantee their health and let them improve their living conditions.

The installation of hand water pumps is vital in order to help reduce disease and to improve villagers’ everyday life. Once these basic needs are satisfied, we will be able to start developing other skills in order to ensure the self sustainability of these rural areas.

Goldman Sachs responds to our request to fund 100 Hand Water Pumps

In June 2009, I guided Mr. Leland Lim of Goldman Sachs' and his family while he was visiting Cambodia. He was very interested in HVTO's Clean Water Project, and he gave us financial support to build a water pump. Mr. Lim told me that he would recommend that Goldman Sachs takes a look at our projects.

Having been informed by Mr. Leland Lim, Goldman Sachs Charitable Contribution Committee was very interested with our projects. Mr. Tim Greaton from GS contacted and sent us the application form to be completed for the Grant Request. Mr. Didac Boadas, our volunteer from Spain; and Robin Walker from Canada and I prepared the application forms to request the Grant for Clean Water Project to build and install 100 water pumps throughout the community.

In December 2009, we received great news from Goldman Sachs that they had decided to approve our request for funds and make our project an even greater success. This means that HVTO now has the funds to help accomplish our goal of installing water pumps in the community to provide access to clean water. With these funds we can install 100 water pumps in the Sophy and Sreth villages. These pumps will enable 2,100 people (over 300 families) to have a clean water system. Presently, only 8% of our community has access to clean water. With the upcoming 100 water pumps, 53% of our community will have easy access to clean water. We strongly believe that HVTO will be able to support rural Cambodian areas (Sophy and Sreth) to ensure health and development that let them achieve a self-sustainable community in the long term.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities and investment management services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other major financial centers around the world.


Implementation plan :

Due to our previous experience in building water pumps, the following steps are to be taken :

  • Look for locations where water pumps can be built and search for the neediest families in the community
  • Contract the water pump builders
  • Evaluate the viability of building a water pump in the selected areas
  • Buying the materials : pump tap; water pipes; water filters; etc.
  • Construction process :
    • Hole drilling: from 20 to 25 meters deep
    • Plastic tube insertion
    • Sawing the tube to make the tiny hole drain and filter the water
    • Platform building using cement, sand and rocks
    • Build the water pump absorber device
    • Pumping the dirty water (3days) and testing the quality of the clean water (1 week)

HVTO would like to give many thanks to the following people : Mr. Lim for giving us a bridge to link HVTO's Clean Water Project with Goldman Sachs; Mr. Tim Greaton for coordinating the application process; Mr. Didac Boadas for volunteering his time and putting important comments on the application; Mr. Robin Walker and Mr. Carlos Sanchez who wrote the memorandums adding to the application form to Goldman Sachs; and a Thousand Thanks to the Goldman Sachs Charitable Contribution Committee for their great consideration and approval for this request.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thousands of thanks to all of friends who donated to build the water pumps in the last few months namely :

  • Bob and Madeleine Brown
  • Thomas R. Benz donated in the memory Delaney Smith
  • Santa Claus via Toni De la Torre
  • Kathy and Peter
  • Douglas E Whittle and his colleagues
  • Shannon Bunn
  • Jeff Luebbers

With warmest wishes from Cambodia !

Sim Piseth

HVTO founder
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