Clean Water Project
The majority of Cambodian people live in rural areas that lack even bare necessities, primary among these - access to clean drinking water. Unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation are the main cause of illness and high rates of infant mortality.
To address this need HVTO pays for the installation of hand water pumps to families that cannot afford them. The HVTO Clean Water Project has installed over 300 wells and has provided wells to all of the neediest families in Kontreang Commune. We have now begun the same work in Rumdeng Village in neighboring Knar Pur Commune. See Below.
A significant side-benefit from the HVTO Clean Water Project is that all work is carried out by two local water well companies that are largely supported by HVTO projects. These two companies support ten local families.

Click here to see the photos of all the installed water pumps built by these people
In addition to drilling wells for families, HVTO also installs community wells for such things as public schools, meeting halls, pagodas, and health clinics. In one notable project HVTO purchased five kilometers of PVC pipe for a village with no accessible ground water. With this pipe the people from Chombak Bai Village (in Tbeng Commune) were able to bring water from a nearby mountain spring into an above-ground village plumbing system that now supplies a village of nearly 500 people (see video). As these pictures show, they need no longer walk two kilometers through snake infested undergrowth in an area that was potentially mined by the Khmer Rouge in order to obtain water. Now clean water flows continuously, allowing the people of Chombak Bai to grow vegetables and feed cattle, even in the dry season. Here is a video report about Chombak Bai village.
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