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HVTO has provided clean water, through the drilling of over 300 water wells, to the poorest families in the villages of Kontreang and Knar Pur Communes. The general poverty of the area has also led to the need for water projects designated for the benefit of the community as a whole. In addition to two expenditures for PVC pipe for the village of Chombak Bai in Tbeng Commune (see video that tells story), HVTO has drilled wells and installed water pumps for seven additional community projects in Kontreang Commune that are shown here.
The Sreth Primary School, located in East Sreth Village, has an enrollment of about 250 students. The well that was drilled here in 2008 was the very first provided by HVTO, and was also the only one to be drilled by a private company based in Siem Reap. Costing $300, it was found that HVTO could have formed local drilling teams who were capable of completing comparable wells in this area for less than half the cost ($140).
The Sreth Primary School received HVTO’s the first water well in 2008
Since this time all of the HVTO wells have been drilled by local drilling teams that are familiar with the area and which rely on HVTO for the bulk of their business. In addition to saving money, this helps the economy and employment within the local community.
A big well was added to the school with from funds provided by an anonymous joined donors from the U.K and Germany.
The water well drilled by HVTO for the Sophy Pagoda provides clean drinking water for the monks that live here. 
A couple that visited the HVTO School with Viking River Cruises in 2012 are known as the Friends From Oklahoma. They have become strong supporters of our efforts, and have helped to see the drilling of a number of water wells. Included in these is one that was drilled in 2013 for the local security center. These policemen and their families now have clean drinking water - courtesy of HVTO.
In 2014 Mike Effer, a Viking River Cruises passenger, donated funds for the drilling of three water wells, including one for the Kontreang Commune Medical Clinic. ( Picture is coming soon)
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