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Kontreang commune is located 30km ( 19 miles ) away from Siem Reap. There are  eight villages with nearly 1,900 families and more than 9,500 people living in this commune. In addition to the efforts of the Cambodian government, a number of organizations and local volunteers are united in helping the people in this commune including Homestay Volunteer Teachers Teachers ( HVTO ), a registered non-profit NGO founded on August 28th, 2008.

In every community there are key people who are always appealing for participation from people in the village to do something for the public benefits. For instance, in Kontreang there is a formation of community committee elected by people. They comprise 17 people who actively work to develop the community with their own limited resources.

HVTO has been closely working with this committee to operate all projects since 2008 and HVTO has always been participating with them with their projects in term of road construction, canalization, water wells in public areas, school building, bridges, toilettes, garden in  public school and cottages for homeless people. HVTO is committed to support any projects proposed by this committee as we find that this involvement continues to build good relationship between people and HVTO for our future participatin, cooperation and coordination. Click here to see pictures ofactivities.



Name of Project

Budget given


April 14, 2011

buying canals for road construction in Sreth village



April 20, 2011

Setting up garden in Sreth primary school



June 14, 2011

Organizing informal meeting for committee



March 23, 2012

Filling soils to the raod acrossing Sreth village



Arpril 23, 2012

Building a bridge in Sreth village



June 24, 2012

Building wooden bridge in Sreth



April 13, 2013

Canalization in Sreth village



January 10, 2013

Repairing the road with filling soils



August 10, 2013

Buying uniforms for poor students to start school



October 15, 2013

Western toilette in Sreth primary school



March 15, 2014

Building a fence for clinic center in Kontreang



October 5, 2014

Building a cottage for homeless widowed woman


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