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University students from HVTO were living with friends, extended family, or commuted 60 kilometers round-trip daily to classes in Siem Reap. Through our College Prep Program HVTO is renting a home in Siem Reap that utilizes as a dormitory for about 15 students, and serves as the new HVTO office. This helps take our students off of dangerous streets, gives them more study time, and brings them closer to employment possibilities.
The students that benefit from this program are attending Southeast Asia University in Siem Reap. In addition to teaching and mentoring the younger students that create a self-sustaining HVTO, they ultimately become part of the middle class that Cambodia so desperately needs. Each university student is carefully monitored by HVTO, and all are required to return to the village weekly to assist in the HVTO educational programs. In this capacity they not only provide valuable role models for the younger students, but they can also give them an idea of the nature of life outside the narrow confines of their village.
To facilitate and accommodate HVTO sponsored students to be able to continue their higher education.
Providing a safe place and helping reduce the difficulty of parents, together to facilitate the process of our students to get better education and to build human resource for future Cambodia.

HVTO receives funds from two organizations below. These organizations are fundraising actively in USA and Canada to collect the money to support the HVTO safe dormitory.

1. Homestay Teachers Volunteer Organizatioin

Patti G. Baker

President of HTVO,

Email: Patti G Baker <>
Tel: 239-682-0067

Homestay Teachers Volunteer Organization,Inc, a Florida 501c3 corporation. 
P O Box 07072 Fort Myers, Florida. 33919


Functional areas in dormitory

  • Dormitory will accommodate from 15 to 30 sponsored students equipped with one study-room, electricity, running water, kitchen, high speed internet and computers.
  • Dormitory serves as an HVTO office in Siem Reap

Below are the procedures to sellect students to stay in HVTO safe dormitory with following criteria:

  • Sponsored students must send application for accommodation in dormitory to HVTO office.
  • After having received an application, HVTO will check with local authorities and meet with his/her parents or caretakers to explain about the purpose and policies of dormitory program to them.
  • Students will only be allowed to stay in the dormitory with approval from their parents or caretakers and recognition from local authorities.
  • The applicants must be HVTO sponsored students.
  • Must be hard working students with high commitment for studies and they are willing to help the community after they have received higher education or success in life.
  • HVTO finds out that they are poor and their parents cannot afford higher education for the children.
  • The students who are allowed to stay in the dormitory must respect rules, internal regulations, policies and fulfill the obligation immplemented by HVTO or local authorities.
  • The students will only be allowed to stay from 2 to 3 years. HVTO will ask the students to leave the dormitory when they have jobs and they can support themselves.
  • HVTO has full right to terminate their stay in the dormitory at all times when HVTO finds out that the students do not respect the rules, internal regulations and policies or their attitudes would ruin and harm to the reputation or projects of HVTO.
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