Why does HVTO create Education Sponsorship?
Unlike our founder, Sim Piseth, who received his higher education as a Buddhist monk, few Cambodians have any hope for an education that could lead them from a cycle of poverty. Although they are intelligent and hard-working, most children stop going to school at about age 16 because they have no money for tuition, transport, or school materials.
To give children a life-changing opportunity we have created the HVTO Sponsorship Program. This program consists of funding (partially or totally) the highest potential students from the community that would otherwise be unable to continue their studies. HVTO monitors and provides guidance to these students and facilitates communication with their sponsors. All study English and computer skills in the HVTO center, and as they advance, those in secondary and high school become involved in teaching younger students. In return they are provided with a monthly stipend of $20-$30 per month, depending on their grade level. During their sponsorship they continue their regular public school studies, at the end of which they must pass examinations for a certificate of high school and proficiency in both English and computer skills.
With these qualifications the students can then move on to university studies through the Work-Study program in Siem Reap. Here they apply for jobs, usually in the tourist industry, and work during the day and go to classes (at the University of Southeast Asia) at night. They live on the money that they earn and use the sponsorship money to pay for tuition, books and fees. After four to five years, depending on work and class loads, they will graduate with a degree and be ready to begin a career in their chosen field. As the HVTO programs advance we envisage a generation of graduates that can help make HVTO a self-sustaining enterprise that ultimately will not be dependent on the generosity of our kind sponsors.
If you would like to help us carry out this mission, we are ready to welcome you to become part of the HVTO sponsorship program. As a sponsor you will be connected with one special student who will know your name, write to you and share his/her dreams. Through HVTO you can also arrange to visit the family of your child to deepen your personal bond. You can also look forward to receiving letters, drawings, and an annual photo so that you can watch your child grow. Go to learn about sponsorship!
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