The HVTO Sponsorship Program Guideline

Homestay Volunteer Teachers Organization (HVTO) is a registered non-profit NGO located in rural Cambodia. Allied with friends from around the world, HVTO’s goal is sustainable community development through the empowerment of rural poor using education and improved health through clean water. We have developed and manage the Free Education (English, computer and library), Clean Water, Community Development, and Sponsorship for Education Projects. The ultimate goal of the HVTO Sponsorship for Education Program, which is summarized here, is to aid in the creation of an educated middle class that can help drive the development of Cambodia.


Student Selection Criteria:

1) Public School System Rating: Receives good grades and demonstrates a work ethic that promises success.

2) Senior Committee Recommendation: Member in good standing of the community and in of need of financial assistance.

3) Special Request: Sponsors can request to HVTO to designate the students after having met in the HVT center if they feel very connected with the students but sponsors and students must be bound with HVTO terms and conditions.

Sponsored Student Responsibilities:

1) Abide by all rules of HVTO.

2) Maintain all grades at or above C+ with good attendance and an unblemished record at public school.

3) Provide HVTO with a transcript of grades at the end of each semester.

4) Work a minimum of seven hours per week in community projects. This can include tutoring fellow students or performing necessary tasks in the upkeep of the HVTO School.  

5) Inform HVTO of any personal or family issues that may impact meeting sponsorship responsibilities.

Failure in any of the above may result in expulsion from the program under the following terms:

  • First Warning - 30% reduction of annualized sponsorship payments
  • Second Warning - 50% reduction of annualized sponsorship payments
  • Third warning – termination of sponsorship


Payment Amounts:

The annual costs for sponsorship, including administrative costs, are summarized below:

  • Grades 1-9:          $270 per year.         Student receives $20/month
  • Grades 10-12:      $400 per year.         Student receives $30/month
  • University:           $620 per year.           Covers tuition, books and fees

The progress of each student is tracked, updated and provided to sponsors. Funds cover the student’s physical needs as well as all HVTO educational programs. Specifically they include the following:

Khmer Public School Program:

  • Two uniforms per year.
  • School supplies (note-books, pencils, pens, rulers, paper, schoolbag, etc.).
  • Routine school expenses, such as paper for weekly exams.
  • Miscellaneous medical expenses, including prescribed medicine.


HVTO Program:

  • HVTO regular and/or special English classes.
  • HVTO computer classes (beginning after having joined HVTO English class for 2 years).


Student Development

HVTO closely monitors each sponsored student. We are always able to provide any specific information on request from sponsors if the regular report/ newsletter and letter exchange are not sufficient. 

The Student-Sponsor Relationship


The exchange of letters and/or e-mails with your sponsored student is strongly encouraged. This is a great way to build a lasting relationship and bring a new perspective to the life to your child. Few have left the village, and the opportunity to experience life in another part of the world through you will thrill your student.  

The first letter from the student should arrive within one month from the beginning your sponsorship. This will usually be a scanned hand-written letter attached to an e-mail. The number of letters received from your student will usually depend on the number that you are able to send. If your student is under the age of 18, this must be done through the HVTO Program Manager.

You are free to mail hard-copy letters to your student, but the Cambodian postal service is not efficient. For this reason e-mailed messages that can be printed and taken to the village are recommended.


Often sponsors want to send presents to their students. This is permissible, but the following must not be sent:

  • Any illegal object or substance


Visiting Your Student

There are two ways you can visit your student:

1) Village Visit

You can travel to Cambodia to visit your sponsored student at HVTO center or in the group workshop. HTVO can make the arrangements, however no sponsor is allowed to meet with their student in the city or to travel anywhere without the permission of HVTO and the family.

2) Homestay Volunteer

Through the HVTO Homestay Volunteer Program a sponsor can experience Cambodian village life first hand. Host families warmly welcome guests into their homes and are delighted to be able to share ideas and offer insight into Khmer culture and traditions. Through this program sponsors can meet all of our students, but are not allowed to stay with the family of the sponsored child.

For news on all of our efforts HVTO publishes a newsletter every 3 months with information and updates on all of the active projects. Each sponsor will receive this newsletter with information about the sponsored students and other projects.


Questions concerning HVTO or any of its activities can be sent to:

1) Meng Seaknam Tel: +(855)12458117 (Program Manager)

2) Sim Piseth, Tel: +(855)12710027/ or (855)974506969 (Founder)  



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17th January 2016
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