Vocational training program

Vocational training program was created in 2010 with the aim of helping people in the community. Some adults and youths are to old to go back to regular school but they need professional skills to earn a living. There are many different professional trainings offered by the private sectors, however those people cannot efford for the training fees. Therefor, HVTO is looking for sponsors to help funding the vocational trainings that HVTO set up or corporate with those institutes.

Below are the available training courses offered by private institutes that HVTO is working with them. 

  • Tailors 
  • Motor repair
  • Beautician

How much does it cost to sponsor a man or a woman to go into one  of these courses?

  • Sending a woman to go into a professional tailor trainning course costs $750 full-board 
  • Sending a man to go into a professional motor repair training course costs $850 full-board
  • Sending a woman to go into professional beautician training courise costs $750


HVTO is appealing to all charitable people around the world to support this project to help change life of the people in our community.


  1. In 2010, HVTO received funds from Mrs. Erica from Mexico to send a girl named Sino to a professional tailor training course. Now Sino is a professional tailor. She makes Khmer traditional dresses.
  2. In 2013-2014, HVTO received fund from Viking River Cruises to set up a Khmer Traditional Music training course. As a result, 12 people become professional musicians. click here to see how they perform the traditional music 



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